Karine Joncas universe



The Karine Joncas Canadian Brand Name Philosophy: to go beyond all that exists, to discover the most powerful and innovative ingredients from the greatest laboratories in the world, to formulate our products for maximum efficiency and to offer the highest-performance skin care and anti-aging products.

Karine Joncas, visionary founder of Karine Joncas Laboratories, is constantly searching for the latest innovations in the world of cosmetology, rejuvenation and active ingredients.

Pioneer in the medi-cosmetic approach, her philosophy consists of developing an advanced dermocosmetic that gives a “medi-spa” experience, inspired by professional skin care in medical spas. Her goal: offering cosmetics at the frontier of medical science.

The Science of Efficiency, Beauty and Wellness

Recognized by thousands of women for her highly successful line of dermocosmetic patches, Karine Joncas is extending this line with maximum strength cosmetics the science of efficiency, beauty and wellness. Her inspiration? Active women, and people who are passionate about cosmetics and who would like to be the first to discover the most innovative and powerful active ingredients in the industry.

When you discover the Karine Joncas line, you discover:

  • Exceptionally high-performance cosmeceutical products formulated from clinically-proven ingredients at the highest recommended concentration. Additionally, better penetration and distribution of the active ingredients with each application thanks to efficacy boosters derived from the dermopharmaceutical industry; a Karine Joncas exclusive.
  • Fragrance free products suitable for any skin types even the most sensitive.
  • Professional skin care routines for face and body, inspired by beauty institutes and medical spas witch provide complete and total wellbeing.
  • Cutting edge technology centered on beauty, healthy skin and correcting the signs of aging.
  • Advanced dermocosmetic skincare developed and formulated in our research laboratories in Canada. Our scientists are in search of the latest innovations in the following technologies: anti-aging, aesthetic, dermatological, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical technologies as well as in cellular biology. Additionally, our laboratories have developed a cutting-edge expertise in the formulation and manufacturing processes which reinforce the effectiveness of the active ingredients.
  • Products not tested on animals.