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$ 55.00

5 in 1 Intensive Body Care

Supra Firming, Integral Cellulite Correction, Integral Slimming Effect, Ultra-Smoothing, Anti-Aging

Legs, Knees, Buttocks, Stomach, Hips, Arms

Format : 200 ml

$ 55.00


Product Description

The 5 in 1 Body Sculpting Serum is a high performance formula for a visibly sculpted and firmed-up silhouette. Reinforced by a “KJ Patch Effect”, this serum is a professional grade home treatment that dramatically reduces the appearance of all kinds of cellulite and stubborn curves. Day after day, the skin appears incredibly firmer, smoother and toned. Charged with clinically proven ingredients (plant extracts, pink grapefruit, caffeine), this global body care efficiently prevents and corrects the effects of modern living (lack of exercise, diets, hormonal changes) and the signs of skin aging (lack of firmness, sagging skin) on the silhouette. A real “slimming body wrap” effect for fast and long-lasting results without massage.


Fragrance Free • Alcohol Free • Prolonged Diffusion 93% Ingredients of Natural Origin

IntenslimTM (ginger, Globularia cordifolia and caffeine): provides a powerful boost to lipolysis, which reduces the storage of fat and toxins throughout the body.

PhytosonicTM (Glaucium avum, Euglena gracilis and caffeine): “ultrason-esque” innovation that gently targets even the toughest fat cells.

SoytensorTM: extract composed of plant stem cells from soy protein and the “long life” mushroom (Fomes of cinalis). Helps to restore and maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Professional strength anti-sagging, ultra-firming complex.

Hyaluronic acid: helps to ll deep wrinkles from within, while instantly smoothing out creased skin.

Pink grapefruit: pure and invigorating essential oil with firming, detoxifying and draining properties.

As an intensive care, apply morning and evening on targeted areas. As a preventive care or for an anti-recurrence action, apply once a day.

To optimize results, use after each bath, shower or workout and exfoliate the skin once a week or as needed.