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Crème corps 500ml 1200x1200


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5 in 1 Intensive Body Care

Visible Lifting, Crepey Skin Correction, Anti-Aging, New Skin Effect, 24H Hydration.

Body, Legs, Arms, Chest, Neck

Format : 480 ml

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Product Description


The 5 in 1 Collagen Body Cream is a daily youth elixir for the entire body. Highly concentrated in collagen, hyaluronic acid, shea butter and argan oil, this cream helps maintain the appearance of a younger, firmer and incredibly smoother body. Nourishes and delivers intense hydration to skin that is dry, crepey or sagging. Provides a “new skin effect” and a long-lasting ultra-silky touch to the skin.

Fragrance Free • Paraben Free • All Skin Types
97% Ingredients of Natural Origin

Collagen: anti-aging, deep moisturizing ingredient that improves skin firmness and suppleness. 

Soytensor™: soy protein and mushroom (Fomes officinalis) stem cell botanical extract that helps restore and maintain skin firmness and elasticity. Expert anti-sagging and ultra firmness complex. 

Hyaluronic Acid: instantly smoothes out finely wrinkled skin. 

Shea Butter: provides in-depth moisturization to dry skin; softens and repairs the skin. 

Argan oil: precious oil with exceptional nourishing and regenerating properties.

Keratolin™: enzyme peeling that provides a «new skin effect» day after day. The skin recovers a smooth and ultra soft texture due to the enzymatic action. 

Tangerine Essential oil: Fresh and invigorating, it instantly promotes cheerfulness. It is also recognized for its anti-stress benefits since it provides a genuine feeling of well-being. As a cosmetic ingredient, it significantly improves the texture and the aspect of sagging skin. A spark of sunshine for the body!

Apply generously two times a day or as needed all over body focusing on dry areas or those that need firming.

To optimize results, use after each bath or shower and exfoliate the skin once a week or as needed.