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Supreme Anti-Wrinkle Lift – Ultimate Youth Care
Advanced Anti-Wrinkle, Visible Lifting, Supra Firming Neck, Resculpted Contours, Instant Radiance, 24H Hydration

Format: 30ml

$ 65.00

Product Description


4 in 1 serum : Day, Night, Eye Contour, Neck and Décolleté

A 4 in 1 serum with a high concentration of clinically proven peptides and micro-algae, for an intensive “anti-wrinkle lift” care. So powerful that you get instant results (an exceptional lifting effect, wrinkles visibly smoothed, 24-hour hydration and an instant radiance) and long term results (supra firming neck, visible repositioning, antigravity effect, resculpted contours and visible ultra-correction of deep wrinkles and expression lines).

Hypoallergenic • Fragrance Free • All skin types 98% Ingredients of Natural Origin

Neuro-Peptides Rx: a powerful dipeptide that imitates the relaxing effect of waglerine 1, a peptide present in snake venom. It is classified among the most powerful peptides in the cosmetic industry.After only 28 days, it significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles up to 52%.

3D Lifting Complex: a micro-algae that forms an invisible 3-D matrix on the skin for an instantaneous lifting effect and long-lasting anti-sagging results. This film also forms an antioxidant shield with reinforced action and protection.

Rigin®: palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, an intelligent peptide that is just as effective as the youth hormone, which increases the firmness of the face and neck/décolletage up to 40%, in just 28 days.

24-Hour Hydrating Complex: extract of Imperata cylindrica, a plant rich in potassium that provides long lasting intense hydration (+50after 7 hours, +20after 24H).

For an intensive skincare treatment, apply morning and night to the face, eye contour, neck and décolleté, before your cream.

For an instant “radiance lift” care, apply with or without your cream.