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$ 25.50

5-Minute Facial
Instant Glow, Intense Firmness, Wrinkle Repair

Format : 120 ml

$ 25.50

Product Description

The Youth Glow Mask with collagen renews your skin in just 5 minutes. Highly concentrated in red clay and olive oil, it instantly revives dull complexions, provides an intense firmness effect and smoothes out the appearance of wrinkles, even the deepest ones.

This ultra-performing mask soothes skin prone to redness while it reduces the aspect of dilated pores. Cashmere effect and instant visible results.

Non-Drying • Fragrance Free • All Skin Types
93% Ingredients of Natural Origin

Collagen: molecule that improve the skin’s hydration, firming and suppleness. The skin is softer, smoother and less wrinkled after the first few applications

Red clay: clay that is highly concentrated in trace elements, it cleanses, purifies, soothes and rebalances the skin. Adds glow and brightness to dull complexions. Its properties are recognized for improving blood circulation, making it ideal against couperose and skin that is prone to redness. Clinically tested to improve skin elasticity and repair damages caused by the natural aging process and photo-aging. Provides an immediate lifting effect.

White clay: clay with absorbent properties that acts as a genuine cell restoring agent and eliminates skin impurities and remineralizes the epidermis. Purifies blemished skin and soothes skin irritations.

Apply a generous layer once a week and leave on for 5 minutes. Avoid eye contour. Rinse.