Our way of thanking you

Are you a devoted user of KARINE JONCAS products? You will love our reward programs!

In stores – KJ Privilege Card

Ask your cosmetician for your FREE KJ PRIVILEGE CARD in participating stores to take advantage of our most beneficial loyalty program!

How to use your KJ Privilege Card?

1. EARN a stamp for every $30 purchase of KARINE JONCAS products.

2. REACH YOUR GOAL by accumulating 8 stamps from the same retailer.

3. PRESENT YOUR CARD to the cosmetician together with your proof of purchases (sales receipts).

4. RECEIVE YOUR REWARD! Choose a free KARINE JONCAS product of your choice at regular price excluding all Gel & Creams and all KJ Muse Perfumes.

– With every $30 purchase (before taxes) of KARINE JONCAS products (at regular price or on special) at participating stores of the same pharmacy chain, get one stamp on your KJ Privilege Card.
– After 8 stamps collected on one card, you are entitled to a FREE KARINE JONCAS product of your choice and of any value (excluding all 30 mL & 60 mL Gel & Creams and all the 50 mL KJ Muse perfumes).
– Gift sets and value sets are not eligible for stamps and cannot be claimed as rewards.
– Please keep all invoices (sales receipts) with this card.
– This card is valid at all times from the date of the first purchase.
– This card has no cash value. Cannot be redeemed for cash.
– Terms of use are subject to change without notice.

Online – KJ Points

Earn discounts on your next purchases

When shopping on our Online Boutique, you will accumulate KJ POINTS which will allow you to receive rebates or special offers during your future purchases.

How do I sign up for the KJ Loyalty Program?

Create your account from the Login/Register tab on karinejoncas.ca.

How do I earn KJ Points?

Earn 10 KJ points for every dollar spent (before sales taxes).

How do I use my KJ Points?

Once you have accumulated a minimum of points, you will receive a discount on your next purchase.


How do I use my KJ Points?

When finalizing your purchase, you can select your discount based on your accumulated points.

1,000 POINTS KJ = $5

2,500 POINTS KJ = $20

5,000 POINTS KJ = $50

7,500 POINTS KJ = $100

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