A Success Story

Karine Joncas, renowned French-Canadian Skincare Creator, from the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada and pioneer in the KJ MEDI-COSMETICS approach, is a visionary woman who is constantly on the lookout for the latest innovations in advanced skincare, anti-aging and skin concerns.

KJ Early On

She learned her love for skincare at a very young age thanks to her grandmother, with whom she created home-made beauty products. Her first student job, was as an independent beauty consultant.

During a trip to Paris, she discovered transdermal patches, a medical technology used for cosmetic purposes. Karine Joncas was blown away by this innovation and decided to launch her own line of KJ MEDI-COSMETICS. Her entrepreneurial spirit has always been strong as she hails from a long line of entrepreneurs in her family. She has been surrounded by that ambitious energy her whole life!

Skincare Created for Women by a Woman

With over 20 years of success, Karine Joncas has carved out a special place in the beauty industry by offering cosmetics at the edge of medical science.

She is also making a change in women’s lives by offering high performance multi-functional skincare for the modern busy woman. A true professional Medi-Spa experience at home.


“Modern busy women, but also women searching for the most powerful ingredients to target all their skin concerns. I believe that every woman is unique and that skincare routines must be personalized to her individual needs.”

Every woman is unique