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Professional Aesthetic Procedure at Home
Lifting/Smoothing Effect, Intensive Facial Treatment, Instant Youth Glow

1 patch

$ 8.99

Product Description


Dermocosmetic intensive beauty treatment in patch form, a technology inspired by medical knowledge and day spa “collagen veil” treatments. Perfect for a “medi-spa” experience at home. This professional spa treatment at home delivers its benefit directly to expression lines and deep wrinkles. This high performance skincare product is a gentle alternative to injections and a perfect complement to your daily skincare regimen. Ideal to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, to help enhance the skin’s natural renewal process (hydration, regeneration, nutrition and oxygenation) and to increase the effectiveness of your daily skincare products.


A gentle alternative to injections

After just 15 minutes, the skin looks smoother, firmer and more radiant. Fine lines and wrinkles appear to be filled up. This intensive skincare treatment also helps to reinforce the effectiveness of your daily skincare and is an excellent alternative to injections. Ideal for keeping a youthful looking skin.

Dermatologically Tested • Hypoallergenic • Fragrance Free • Suitable for Sensitive Skin
95% Ingredients of Natural Origin

Skincare formulated from a powerful medi-cosmetic complex made from clinically proven dermocosmetic ingredients:

Soy Phyto-Collagen: clinically proven standardized soy extract, with the same molecular weight as collagen. Recognized for its cosmetic anti-wrinkle, redensifying and lifting properties. Perfect for mature skin.

Vitamin E: a powerful protective, hydrating, restorative vitamin with clinically proven effectiveness. Prevents and helps to repair the signs of aging due to daily stressors (sun, pollution, stress, fatigue, etc.) With its intense hydrating power, vitamin E diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aloe Vera: rich in vitamins, amino acids and sugars, aloe vera is a powerful dermocosmetic moisturizer. This standardized plant extract instantly rehydrates the skin, while providing a soothing effect. It softens, helps with healing and strengthens the skin through hydration.

Witch Hazel: a plant extract containing a high concentration of bioflavonoids (vitamin P) which helps prevent capillary fragility and promotes micro-circulation. Witch hazel sooths while enhancing the radiance of the skin. Its astringent effect helps diminish dilated pores for a more uniform skin tone.

The perfect complement to your daily skincare routine. Ideal as a quick SOS treatment, in the morning or before an evening out, to instantly smooth fine lines and wrinkles. For a true lifting effect and to help enhance the skin’s natural renewal process, use as an intensive beauty treatment for 10 days (once every 3 days) or for 21 days (once a week). Treatment recommended 4 times a year (at the change of seasons or as needed). Between beauty treatments, you can also repeat SOS treatment.

Apply cosmetic patch to the face for 15 minutes. Remove and throw away after one use.