4 in 1 Foaming Melting Gel
Express Cleansing Gel, Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, Invigorating Toner, Energizing Cocktail


500 mL

The 4 in 1 Bio-Infusion Dermo-Cleanser Gel deeply cleanses the skin by eliminating impurities, pollution particles as well as all traces of makeup on the face, eyes and lips in a single step. Enriched with organic** argan, grape and cucumber extracts, this cleansing gel gently nourishes and tones the skin due to its energizing cocktail. Skin looks soft, radiant and invigorated.

The formula is suitable for any skin type, even the most sensitive. This universal cleanser also protects the skin’s moisture barrier.

Sulphate Free • Fragrance Free • Alcohol Free

99% Ingredients of Natural Origin
ORGANIC 10% Ingredients from Organic Farming

**Ingredients from Organic Farming

*Source: NielsenIQ Quebec, drugstores category “face care’’, ($) volume, 52 weeks to period ending December 30th, 2023.

Arganyl™ PW LS 9830 (Organic Argan Leaf Extract): prevents premature skin aging and protects from environmental aggressions (pollution, stress, smoke, etc.).

100% Organic Grape Water: rich in vitamins and minerals, it is known for its exceptional moisturizing, plumping and skin radiance boosting properties.

Organic Cucumber Extract: provides a natural glow, purifies the skin and tightens pores. Instant toning and refreshing effects.

Cleansing agents: gently cleanses without irritating the skin and eliminates impurities.

99% Ingredients of Natural Origin
ORGANIC 10% Ingredients from Organic Farming

Apply to the skin, gently massage to form a lather and rinse with warm water. Dry gently.