Unwanted Hair Solution
Minimizing Effect, Soothing, Hydration, Ingrown Hairs Face & Body


100 mL

The Post Hair Removal Intensive Serum is the perfect solution to visibly reduce the look of unwanted and ingrown hairs. Highly concentrated in clinically proven ingredients, it provides a powerful minimizing effect on the appearance of hair regrowth, irritation and redness.

It helps to delay hair removal frequency on different areas of the face (chin, upper lip, eyebrows, peach fuzz, beard) and body (legs, bikini, armpits, arms, torso, back). An essential care for smooth and soft-looking skin! Light and non-sticky texture.

All Skin Types

93% Ingredients of Natural Origin

Capislow™ (Larrea Divaricata Extract) : provides an incredible reducing effect on the appearance of facial and body hair. Ideal for visibly smoother skin at all times.
Kelisoft™ : helps to delay shaving frequency and the appearance of ingrown hairs. Instantly soothes discomfort after hair removal or shaving. Provides a comforting sensation to the skin.
Neutrazen™ (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8) : ultra-soothing neuropeptide that prevents the signs of skin inflammation with a “zen-like” relaxing effect. A perfect molecule for skin’s well-being.

 93% Ingredients of Natural Origin

After hair removal or shaving, apply AM and PM for 5 days. To maintain results, use once a day.