Anti-Aging + Dark Spot Solution
Integral Anti-Wrinkle, Visible Lifting, Supra Firming Neck, Sculpted Contours, Pronounced Dark Spots, Instant Radiance, 72H Hydration


150 mL

4 in 1 serum : Day, Night, Eye Contour, Neck and Décolleté

The Ultimate+ Pro-Youth Serum is a premium global anti-aging skincare for menopausal skin or skin prone to dark spots. Ultra-performing, it provides instant and long-lasting visible results such as an integral anti-wrinkle effect, visible lifting, supra firming of the neck and facial contours, instant radiance and 72H hydration. This exceptional skincare reduces the appearance of pronounced dark spots and visibly brightens the skin. High concentration of clinically proven ingredients: encapsulated peptide, liposomes and 4D hyaluronic acid.

Fragrance Free • Hypoallergenic • All Skin Types

96% Ingredients of Natural Origin

Syn®-ake (Dipeptide): mimics the relaxing effect of waglerin-1, a peptide that is found in snake venom. It is classified among the most powerful peptides in the cosmeceuticals industry. After only 28 days, it significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles up to 52%.

ß-WhiteTM (encapsulated peptide-Oligopeptide-68):ingredient in the form of liposomes with brightening properties that are more effective than Arbutin and Vitamin C without the irritating effects.

Hyaluronic Acid 4D : Multilevel action of 4 different types of hyaluronic acid with multiple benefits for the skin. Also provides 24-hour long-lasting moisture.

HydrosellaTM (Organic Hibiscus Extract) : helps fight dry skin thanks to its multi-targeted moisturizing action (up to 72 hours after application).

ActiwhiteTM (pea and sucrose extract): ingredient with brightening effects comparable to Hydroquinone and Kojic acid, but without their side effects. After just 14 days, dark spots are visibly reduced, and skin appears more even.

Majestem™ (Leontopodium alpinum Extract) : plant with exceptional firming powers for sagging skin. Provides an incredible “tightening effect” on the facial contours.

 96% Ingredients of Natural Origin

On clean skin, before any cream, apply 2-4 drops AM and PM to the face, eye contour, neck and décolleté or use as needed for an “instant radiance boost” with or without cream. For a more optimal routine, use with the Ultimate+ Pro-Youth Cream or any KJ cream.