The KJ Secrets

The KJ Secrets If you’re curious, we’ve got a few KJ secrets to help you get your holiday magic on !  1 Did you know that the Youth Activating Gel and the Advanced Rosalift Cream are ideal to apply after sun exposure? These two KJ Icons are perfect to soothe sun burns and to reduce […]

To each their own KJ Mask

To each their own KJ Mask To help the skin regain all its radiance, KARINE JONCAS offers an exfoliant and two masks. Discover the quality of a professional-grade treatment in the comfort of your own home. It is one of our specialties! INTENSE HYDRATION DOSE The Express Bio-Infusion Quenching Mask provides a powerful and long-lasting boost […]

Welcome Fall in beauty

Welcome Fall in beauty ! KJ CONCENTRATES to the rescue ! Simply add one or more KJ Dermo-Intensive Concentrates to your routine to adapt to the changing seasons. Let’s think of the Anti-Dark Spot Correcting Concentrate  which is ideal for targeting dark spots and irregular skin tone. Goodbye CROCRODILE SKIN AND hello SOFT AND HYDRATED SKIN A good exfoliation with […]

5 Tips For Soothed Skin

SKIN SENSITIVITY? Here are 5 steps to incorporate into your beauty routine for a soothed and calmed skin. 1. Prioritize skincare treatments free of essential oils and potential allergens (perfume, benzyl alcohol, aroma, etc.) in the list of ingredients. 2. Avoid sudden changes in temperature, such as: sun exposure, hot showers and baths, sauna, excessive […]

KJ Beauty Skincare Boost

The Beauty Boosts KJ that perfectly complement your physical activities. The thermometer is rising!

4 reasons to add a KJ Serum to your skincare routine

4 REASONS to add a KJ SERUM to your skincare routine Highly effective, skincare serums are key treatments to include in your daily beauty routine. Want to learn more about these types of products? Discover 4 good reasons to add a KJ Serum to your Dermo-Routine! 1. KJ Serums are high-performance treatments concentrated in active […]

Say goodbye to dull and wrinkled skin in the morning!

Say goodbye to dull and wrinkled skin in the morning! The Gold Youth Concentrate is a night repairing care. Concentrated in gold peptides, it is perfect for a prodigious anti-wrinkle effect. Night after night, the skin looks dramatically firmer and smoother with a visible youthful glow. Unique, this skincare treatment releases its complete efficacy at […]

KJ Collagen Power

KJ Collagen Power At KARINE JONCAS, we love Collagen! It is an inescapable ingredient when it comes to anti-aging. Ultra- performing, it improves the suppleness, firmness and elasticity of the skin. Additionally, it helps to hydrate and leaves skin feeling soft. Ideal for both prevention and correction, this multipurpose active is essential as Collagen starts […]