Oil Therapy
Pure Hyaluronic Acid, Wrinkle Filling Effect, Lipid-Replenishing Booster


15 mL

Instant (1 hour) filling effect of fine lines and deep wrinkles on the face, contour of the eyes & lips and neck. With daily use, effectively hydrates mature, dry and ultra-dry skin. Formulated with pure hyaluronic acid and with precious jojoba and argan oils. Non comedogenic.

Fragrance Free • Hypoallergenic • All Skin Types

97% Ingredients of Natural Origin



A complete system of 10 different concentrates inspired by medical spas and a new trend: “cosmetic layering”. Cosmetic layering is the art of overlaying successive fine layers of skincare products. The objective? To have the most powerful, targeted and personalized plan of attack.

You can overlay up to 3 different concentrates in your skincare routine.

* Cosmetic action based on the clinical results of the ingredients. Results may vary from a person to another.

Hyaluronic Filling Spheres™ (Pure hyaluronic acid microspheres): high-speed filling effect (1 hour) of deep wrinkles. Rapid effectiveness when compared to biological activity which requires up to 28 days.

SWT-7™ (Indian Gentian Extract): an ayurvedic herb extract that blurs the appearance of vertical wrinkles after only 7 days. Also formulated to visibly target stubborn smoker’s lines.

Drieline™ (Beta-Glucan Extract): a powerful ingredient that provides an optimal skin recovery by intense hydration. Clinically tested in anti-aging and damaged skin care.

NP Moist 24™ (Imperata Cylindrica Extract): a plant who can survive exceptionally well in deserts. Creates daily water supplies for the skin and 24-hour long-lasting moisture (+50% after 7 hours, +20% after 24H).

97% Ingredients of Natural Origin

On clean skin, before any cream, apply 1-4 drops AM and/or PM to the face, eye and lip contour, neck and décolleté or directly to targeted wrinkles or use as needed.

Apply several drops of one or more concentrates depending on your targeted problem. At any time, you can modify your beauty routine as needed in response to the seasons or to a targeted problem by choosing or simply adding a new concentrate. 

You can layer up to 3 different concentrates in your skincare routine.