Scrub, Peeling & Mask
New Skin Effect, Natural Glow, Instant Smoothing, Hydration


100 mL

The Express Bio-Infusion Exfoliating Gel gently exfoliates the skin due to its organic** argan particles & caviar lime extract. This at-home professional-type peeling also provides a genuine “new skin effect”. The skin looks instantly more smooth, soft and hydrated. This dynamic beauty treatment invigorates the appearance of dull skin and provides a visible natural radiance. Ideal to eliminate dead cells on the skin and help optimize the effectiveness of daily skincare products.

All Skin Types • Face & Lips
99% Ingredients of Natural Origin
ORGANIC 25% Ingredients from Organic Farming

**Ingredients from Organic Farming

*Source: NielsenIQ Quebec, drugstores category “face care’’, ($) volume, 52 weeks to period ending December 30th, 2023.

Arganyl™ PW LS 9830 (Organic Argan Leaf Extract): prevents premature skin aging and protects from environmental aggressions (pollution, stress, smoke, etc.).

100% Organic Grape Water: rich in vitamins and minerals, it is known for its exceptional moisturizing, plumping and skin radiance boosting properties.

Argan Exfoliator: mechanical exfoliator that quickly provides smoother & more radiant skin, and a more even complexion.

Lime Pearl™ (Organic Lime Caviar Extract): a gentle enzymatic alternative that eliminates dead cells on all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Nephydrat™ BC 10061 (Organic Rambutan Extract): powerful moisture boosting extract for moisturized, soft and radiant skin.

99% Ingredients of Natural Origin
ORGANIC 25% Ingredients from Organic Farming

Apply at least once a week. Gently massage as needed and leave on for 2 to 5 minutes. Avoid eye contour. Rinse. Can also be used on the lips.